Junior Team Tennis Project–The Kelley Awards

The purpose of this program is to help children who show a good attitude, good sportsmanship and the interest in improving their tennis skills. In past years, $500 scholarships were awarded to at least 4 team tennis players who applied and were chosen as winners. Starting in 2013/2014, $250 scholarships will be given to those applying at designated State Team Tennis Events. Applications will be submitted at the tournament and the winner will be named at the tournament. There will be 12 $250 winners during the year, one for each tournament.

In 2007, the board voted to rename the project The “Kelley” Awards in honor and recognition of it’s past president, Pierce Kelley. The concept of team tennis has always been near and dear to Pierce’s heart. In 1976, Pierce initiated through the YTF the first team tennis program in the State of Florida that was later picked-up and administered by the FTA. The program continues to thrive today due to Pierce’s leadership, passion and efforts that started some 30 years ago. As such, the board thought it only fitting that the Kelley name be associated in perpetuity with junior team tennis.

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