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The "Kelley Family" Awards Project

The purpose of this program is to help children who show a good attitude, good sportsmanship and the interest in improving their tennis skills. In past years, $500 scholarships were awarded to at least 4 team tennis players who applied and were chosen as winners. Starting in 2013/2014, $250 scholarships will be given to those applying at designated State Team Tennis Events. Applications will be submitted at the tournament and the winner will be named at the tournament. There will be 12 $250 winners during the year, one for each tournament.

In 2007, the board voted to rename the project The "Kelley" Awards in honor and recognition of it's past president, Pierce Kelley. The concept of team tennis has always been near and dear to Pierce's heart. In 1976, Pierce initiated through the YTF the first team tennis program in the State of Florida that was later picked-up and administered by the FTA. The program continues to thrive today due to Pierce's leadership, passion and efforts that started some 30 years ago. As such, the board thought it only fitting that the Kelley name be associated in perpetuity with junior team tennis.

Download the current Scholarship Application HERE.


The 2024 winners of Youth Tennis Foundation's Kelley Scholarship are in!

 Tyree Cobb is a 12-year old male player whom YTF Board Member Maura Moynihan sees has great tennis potential after watching him hit with a borrowed tennis ball and racquet. Maura said Tyree intently watched the US Open on television and he absolutely loves playing tennis at Burnett Park in Jacksonville. The $250 Award will provide him with tennis lessons. Tyree says, "Tennis is a 10 out of a 10!!"

 Freddee Hendricks from Seminole Lake Country Club is a 10-year old femail recipient that has impressed coaches since she was 7. Her coach, Steve Hill says, "She's very coachable, athletic and calm mentally." Freddee has developed a love of tennis thanks to the efforts of her coach and supportive family.


The 2023 winners of the Kelley Scholarship from Youth Tennis Foundation have been selected!

 Lindsey Kasak, who was nominated by Linda Williams, is a junior playing tennis on her high school team in Lake City. She is currently being provided $250 in tennis lessons from her tennis coach at the Jonesville Tennis Center in Gainesville. Lindsey is grateful to have received the Kelley Award from YTF. She began playing tennis when she was 10 years old and knows that tennis is a lifelong sport. She was excited she had an opportunity to watch a friend playing at the Evert Tennis Academy in 2021. Lindsey's goal is to play tournaments this year and work hard so she can play collegiate tennis for UF. She also plans to volunteer with the Special Olympics Tennis State Games.  
  Lindsey Kasak with Coach John Hill


The Youth Tennis Foundation is proud to congratulate the 2022 annual Kelley Scholarships winners!

 YTF President Ed Jagger nominated Calib Rodriguez to receive a $500 Kelley Family Award on November 2, 2022. He is a 15 year old aspiring pro who is roughly a 7.5 UTR. He was coached by the Director of Tennis in Clearwater, FL. Calib is a great kid and an extremely hard worker. He is fully capable of attaining a college scholarship, if he continues progressing in the manner he currently is.

 Linda Williams nominated a young female player, Ryleigh Trespalacious, to receive a $250 Kelley Family Award. Ryleigh is 9 years old and she began playing in the tennis clinics held by LCCCTA. She absolutely loves the sport and has great potential as a player. She is dedicated and practices anytime she can; also playing with her family on the weekends. Ryleigh is always on the search for tennis courts when she is not in town. Her goal is to play a top position on the Columbia High School Tennis Team, just like her mother did back in 2001-2003. After that, Ryleigh's plans are to go on to play at the collegiate level. Her coach will be LCCCTA's PTR teaching pro, Mark Mansbach (pictured).


The Youth Tennis Foundation is proud to congratulate the 2021 annual Kelley Scholarships winners!

  Abby Marsee is the latest winner of a Kelley Family Award. A $250 check will be given to Mark Mansbach, a USPTR tennis professional, for lessons. Abby participated in the LCCCTA youth tennis program which the YTF supported last summer and she demonstrated ability and a desire to learn.


Congratulations to the 2020 Youth Tennis Foundation's annual Kelley Scholarships winners!

  From Logan:

Hello Sue Zipay this is Logan Allen McGinty and I just wanted to thank you and the Youth Tennis Foundation of Florida for giving me this 250 dollars worth of private lessons to make my skill in tennis better and to have fun while doing it. I will put the private lessons to good use and try as hard as I can to be a better tennis player.

Logan Allen McGinty
Logan Allen McGinty and his Dad

From Matt:

My family and I are so honored and grateful to have received the Kelley Family Award from the Youth Tennis Foundation! I love playing tennis and have been playing for five years now. I look forward to using this award for private instruction to increase my skill level. I just want to thank you for this award it is such a blessing to me and my family. Thank you,

Matthew Hutcherson
  Matthew Hutcherson with his scholarship

  From Hunter:
Dear Youth Tennis Foundation,
I can't thank you enough for the grant money I have received to further my instruction at the Englewood Tennis Club. The grant will help me with my goal to try and make the Lemon Bay High School Tennis Team. Another one of my goals is to improve my tennis skills. To work on this, I will need to play more tennis, so with the grant money I can achieve that goal too. My coaches are the reason for most of my tennis growth. They are amazing people, who are very good at what they do. They work hard to make sure everybody will succeed. They give me help when I am losing, and encourage me throughout our practices. The coaches really make the Englewood Tennis Club feel like a second home for me. A big part of tennis is the socialization that comes with it. Through my 6 years worth of practices, I have made many friends at the Englewood Tennis Club. Tennis is a fun sport by itself, but with friends it becomes even more fun. I can work on my skills with other people, play matches with them, and have a great time. Thank you so much for this grant money. The money will help me achieve my goals as a tennis player, through private lessons, so I can make the Lemon Bay Tennis Team. I can learn from the great coaches at the Englewood Tennis Club, who really want to see everybody succeed. And I can continue to make more friends, and have more fun while playing tennis. I can assure you that this money will not go to waste.

Hunter Andres
Hunter Andres with his scholarship

From Sihara:

I like tennis because my dad played it when he was little and taught me and I enjoy playing with friends and family and I enjoy learning to be be better. I know that it is a hard sport physically and mentally and it will good use in the future and as I am growing up. I also know I am the youngest and smallest and I am going against the tall and older kids or teens but it makes me want to do better and it gives me more motivation. But I know that one day I will be able to beat them all as I continue to learn that is why I will I not give up trying and having my best attitude,that is why I am thankful for my coaches Tony, Bob, and Steve that I will make proud.

Sihara Padrino Dipietro
  Sihara Padrino Dipietro with her scholarship


The winners of the Youth Tennis Foundation's annual Kelley Scholarships have been awarded. Congratulations
and keep up the great work!

Two 2019 Kelley Awards were presented in June 2019 in the Panhandle of Florida. Andrew Swan, 12, of Pensacola received his Kelley Award along with his coach, Josh Koivu, at the Roger Scott Tennis Center in Pensacola. At the North Bay Haven Tennis courts in Panama City, another Kelley Award was presented to Lynn Haven's Emily Garred, 13, and her coach, Mike Matisons. Congratulations to these fine upcoming young players!

Left to right, Coach Josh Koivu, Andrew Swan, YTF Board Member Scott Harrison Left to right, Hal Easter (Grandad), Teena Easter (Grandma), Josh Koivu, Andrew,
Lisa Swan, Jeffery Swan

Left to right, YTF Board Member Scott Harrison, Emily Garred,
Coach Mike Mattisons
Left to right, Jim and Debbie Garred, Emily, Scott and Mike

  From Noah:

Dear Ms. Zipay,

Thank you very much for the honor of receiving the 2019 Kelley Junior Team Tennis
Award. I really enjoy playing tennis and look forward to applying the scholarship to
furthering my tennis skills. Please thank the board members of the Youth Tennis
Foundation of Florida for me. Thank you again.

Noah Brum
Noah Brum with his scholarship


The Youth Tennis Foundation is proud to announce the 2017 winners of the $500 and $250 Kelley Scholarships.

Zihan Zhao, Miami with her coaches, Coach Kara and Coach Lee


The Youth Tennis Foundation is proud to announce the 2016 winners of the $500 and $250 Kelley Scholarships.

Efren Rojas, Cutler Bay
Abigal Radel, Boca Raton

Mateo Quiroz, Sunrise with his coach

Rolando Torrellas with his coach, Justin Dimaio from Sunrise Tennis Academy

Simon Ayer, age 9, played for the Boca Royale Chargers on their 12 U team.

If I received a scholarship for $250 I would be very happy. I would buy lessons or a new racket with it. Lessons have helped me be a better player at a sport I really love. I will need a new racket because I need an extra in case mine breaks.

Simon Ayer

Tess Tchorbadjler


The Youth Tennis Foundation is proud to announce the 2015 winners of the $500 and $250 Kelley Scholarships.

Rory Renzy and his coach Randy Webb. Rory takes lessons
with Randy at The Tennis Center of Coral Springs

Billy Rand(age 9) with YTF Board Member, Sue Zipay, presenting the
award during the "Team Tennis Junior League" playoffs at Englewood Tennis Club

KIRILL SABITOV (age 12) with his parents with the award
presented during Team Tennis Junior League playoffs at Englewood Tennis Club

Ryan Grywczynski with his mom and his coach

I thank you for your generous giving of the opportunities to receive the Kelley Award while playing the sport I love most. It is very thoughtful of you and I was and still am astonished that I was chosen to receive the award. I always put a lot of thought into my writing and was elated when I heard my name called for the boy who had the best essay.The racquet I bought using the money has improved my game a lot and makes playing tennis much more fun. Thanks again for the amazing opportunity for the award, I hope to earn more in the future.

Sincerely, Ryan Grywczynski

Melodie Zuche with her PHU high school coach Irene Tharin, Coach Sharon Bodine, YTF board member Nancy Morgan, and her mom Bobbie Zuche.


The Youth Tennis Foundation is proud to announce the 2014 winners of the $500 and $250 Kelley Scholarships.
Jeffrey Cummings - 9 yrs. (Serendipity Rkt. Club) and T. J. Searle - 14 yrs. (Englewood Tennis Club)

Franz Bagayas, Miami

Keonna Penny, with her coach Addison Staples and USTA-FL Coordinator
for Team Tennis, Elizabeth Coates


The Youth Tennis Foundation is proud to announce the 2013 winners of the Kelley Scholarships.

2013 $500 Kelley Scholarship Winners

Gayatri Sai Babusuganya, Pembroke Pines
Jaden Keaton, Jacksonville
Gabriel Silvera, St. Augustine
Zoe Radojicic, Miami
David Triscari, Cape Coral

2013/2014 $250 Kelley Scholarship Winners

Maia Lontok, Tampa
Marc Moreira, St Johns

Mason Pocklington, Ft. Myers
Natalie Sancho, Palmetto Bay

Lucas Wiles, Cape Coral


The Youth Tennis Foundation is proud to announce the 2012 winners of the Kelley Scholarships. There were three different categories this year: eight Team Tennis winners from around the state, a special award for a very deserving player in need from Pembroke Pines, and two winners from the Sue Zipay youth tennis group.

  Taylor Cook, Largos
  Sabah Arenas, Pembroke
  Julia Mjtenyi, Palm Beach
  William Kozel
  Cade Gilchrist
Jefferson Lustre, Orlando
Marc Moreira, St Johns
Tatiyana Roberts, Jacksonville
Danielle DuPuis, Port Orange
Jensyn Blouin, WPB
Rafaelle Leroy, Pembroke Pines


The winners of the six $500 2011 Kelley Scholarships were: Jayla, Ezryel and Alexis Thompson of Spring Hill, David Britt of Jacksonville, Raven Novak of Cape Coral, Claire Whitman of Hobe Sound, Cassi Johnson of North Miami, and Davina Sisouphavong of Deltona.

  ( Left to Right ) Jeff Horn, Davina Sisouphanouvong, and coach Kurt Collis

  (L-R) coach Jamiie Davidson, Britt Shortle, Jeff Horn

  letter from David Britt, $500 award winner

  Louise Downey with Ezryel, Jaylen and Alexis Thompson
(shared $500 winner)and coach John Downey

  Ryan Solters ($250 winner), coach Ray Belmudez
and Stephanie Solters

  Winner Cassi Johnson of Miami with her coach Youlian Nikolov, Lynn Jaimes, CEO of Jaimes Tennis Management and Cassi's Mom, Jeannette Johnson

  Winner Raven Novak with her Coach, Bob Nelson


In 2010, there were over 50 applications and many, many fine candidates for the awards. There are 6 $500 scholarship winners and 2 $250 scholarship winners this year. Listed below are the winners:

$500 winners:
  Lydia Arflin Yulee, Florida

  Jordan DeSanctis, Port Orange
  Coach Desi Pierre, Paulina & David Reitman, Hollywood
  Adam Shugar, Newberry
  Coach Gerri Braxton, Caprice Thomas, Pembroke Pines, Tug Miller
  Shawn Wilson, Tallahassee

$250 winners:
  Chrissy Texidor, Coral Gables
  Andrea Lansdale, Punta Gorda and Coach Tony Geraci


In July, the Youth Tennis Foundation (YTF) announced the 2009 Kelley Scholarship Winners. The Youth Tennis Foundation has awarded the following players a $500 scholarship:

  Rafael Alvarez -- Miami
  Jake Cole -- Plant City
  Brooke DeMorat -- Merritt Island
  Tristan Mignogna -- Melbourne
  Heather Peele -- Apopka
  Courtney Zeng -- Orlando

  Courtney Zeng with her coach, Juan Palacius

  Rafael Alvarez with his coach, Pablo Arraya and YTF Board Member Dr. Von N. Beebe


It is with great pleasure that the Youth Tennis Foundation (YTF) announces the 2008 Kelley Scholarship Winners. There were over 40 applicants from outstanding young tennis players. The choice of winners was extremely difficult because of so many fine candidates. The seven players have been awarded $500 to use to improve their tennis game! Congratulations to each of you!

Two of the winners of the YTF Scholarships were recognized at the Lakeland Summer Section Jr. Team Tennis Tournament on Friday, August 1st during the player's party, which the YTF has also sponsored.

The YTF Scholarship Winners are:

  Steve Allen -- Ft. Meyers.
  Andrew and Aletha Smith -- Daytona Beach
  Dominic Salamone -- Orlando
  Samantha and Danielle Powell -- Jacksonville
  Garrison Goodland -- Palm Harbor

  Steve Allen   Andrew Smith, Tug Miller, Paul Salamone


The Youth Tennis Foundation (YTF) is pleased to announce 10 winners of the second annual Jr. Team Tennis Scholarship Award for 2007. Out of 42 applications submitted between March 1 – May 31, 2007 by USTA Florida Jr. Team Tennis youth, six players have been awarded $500 while four received $300 to apply toward their tennis training of choice. This includes tennis lessons, tennis camps and other tennis related activities.

  $500 YTF Scholarship Recipients:   $300 YTF Scholarship Recipients:
  Tyra Fairley of Pembroke Pines   Devin Baker of Jacksonville
  Kinga Gartner of Pompano Beach   Kristen Howell of Sarasota
  Liz Renteria of Miramar   Austin Basque of Wendermere
  Anna Soltren of Longwood   Arrice Robinson of Daytona Beach
  Yana Wolter of St. Petersburg    
  Zachary Yonker of Venice    

The winners of the YTF Scholarships will be recognized at the Lakeland Summer Section Jr. Team Tennis Tournament on Friday, July 29th during the player's party, which the YTF has also sponsored.

  Anna Marie Soltren, Tug Miller, and Tyra Fairley   Tug Miller, Kinga Gartner, and Eddie Herman
  Rafael James, Liz Renteria, and Tug Miller   Devin Baker and Bob Jagger


  • On Tuesday December 5th, James Edwards was presented with a check for $500, which is the first award the YTF has presented to a Junior Team Tennis scholarship winner.
  • The second YTF Junior Team Tennis scholarship was presented to the Smith sisters of St. Petersburg. Twins Jade and Jayla and older sister Jasmyne Smith split the $500 award. The Smith's coach is Matez Robinson.

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