“ZIPSTART” is a part of Englewood’s “Court Rats” junior program. It uses a progression of court sizes, balls, and racquets to scale the game down to an appropriate level for children 5-10 years old.

Since tennis is a game that requires a high level of coordination and skill, using the scaled to size equipment provides the opportunity for children to develop skills faster and play tennis with immediate success. Kids will be able to play and compete with a minimum amount of instruction, and consequently, be much less frustrated while learning the game.

Imagine a 6 year old trying to save a penalty kick in a full size soccer goal, or hitting a golf ball with a standard club, or trying to hit a baseball with “Big Papi’s” bat. Well, Englewood Tennis Club is now offering a method to accelerate your child’s learning progress with properly sized racquets, a court that is shorter and narrower, a net that is lower, and low compression or foam balls that move slower, travel less distance, and bounce lower.


Youth Tennis Foundation Scholarship Grants

The YTF is proud to offer scholarship grants to deserving young men and women based upon their financial need, aptitude and dedication.


Congratulations to 2014 double scholarship grant recipient Eric Martinez!

Eric was kind enough to share his thank you letter with YTF detailing exactly what he did with his grant.


Cedar Key Project

The Youth Tennis Foundation spent over $6,500 to re-surface the tennis courts within the city of Cedar Key. It also created a junior team tennis program for the community. Pierce Kelley and Scott Harrison, two board members, provided instruction to nearly two dozen children who attended the Grand Opening event on March 11, 2006. The youngsters were then divided into four teams and six weeks of league play followed. The YTF provided t-shirts, balls, free rackets, trophies and other services. Pierce directed the league. Scott provided the windscreens, benches and a water cooler at no charge.

Due to her work on the Cedar Key Project, the Youth Tennis Foundation awarded a $1,000 college scholarship to Holly Jones of Cedar Key.

Cedar Key Grand Opening

The following series of pictures document the Grand Opening held on March 11, 2006. YTF Board members Pierce Kelley (black shirt, green hat) and Scott Harrison (black shirt, white hat) led the days activities with tennis instruction for the children who attended. Afterwards, everyone enjoyed a picnic with hot dogs, chips, baked beans and soft drinks.