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Jack Blair College Tennis Academy Scholarship Program

In 2007, the YTF initiated its Jack Blair College Tennis Academy Scholarship Program to assist high school varsity tennis players and USTA junior tournament level players ages 15-18, in obtaining college scholarships through attendance at the Jack Blair College Tennis Academy, at the University of South Florida, in December and June each year.

YTF camp scholarship players with head college coaches December 3-4, 2011.

The Jack Blair College Tennis Academy Scholarship Program includes on-court collegiate style drills and matchplay competition, college tennis

search and scholarship information seminars, roundtable discussions with college coaches, hotel accommodations, meals and 24-hour adult supervision. The staff of the College Tennis Academy consists totally of current head men's and women's college tennis coaches.

Download the current Scholarship Application HERE.

The YTF is proud to offer this program to deserving young men and women based upon their financial need, aptitude and dedication in seeking a college tennis scholarship.


Bella Winter of Sarasota High School was recently awarded a YTF grant to attend the College Tennis Exposure Camp on December 5-6, 2015. She and her parents thanked YTF Board Member Sue Zipay:
Hello Ms. Zipay,

Thank you so much for the opportunity to play in this camp. I had a really awesome time meeting the coaches and I learned a lot. Thanks again for the experience :)

Thank you for your kindness and generous spirit...Bella had a wonderful experience and gained insight on college level play. We are hoping that she continues to improve her game while enjoying it. Again, thank you so much!

Mary & William Winter


Congratulations to 2013 participants in the Ed Krass Camp, Linda Antonova and Shiv Krishnaswamy.
  Shiv Krishnaswamy   Linda Antonova
Dear Youth Tennis Foundation,

I would like to begin by thanking you so much for allowing me to attend the College Tennis Exposure Camp this past month, June 16 - June 20 at USF. I had been so excited for this program since the day I applied and I was surely not disappointed once there.
My time there taught me both new skills which I can apply in tennis as well as being a great teammate and other factors that are just as important whilst being on a college tennis team. The coaches were always welcoming and enthusiastic about teaching us their strategies, which they implement on their own tennis team. The players and other staff at USF were great to be around and I felt that this camp was where I truly belonged.
I would like to thank you for also allowing me to attend with a full scholarship, the $1200 I was granted. This was definitely great for me and I really appreciate it. Overall, this experience was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for tennis players and I have ecstatic about having attended. I would surely recommend this camp to any and all of my tennis friends, along with others who I may meet during tournaments or other tennis encounters. Thank you so much and I truly appreciate what you have been able to do for me.

Shiv Krishnaswamy- Class of 2014
To the Youth Tennis Foundation,

I would like to thank the Youth Tennis Foundation for providing me with one of the best opportunities of my tennis career. I am very grateful for the chance to have gone to Coach Ed Krass' College Tennis Camp as the University of South Florida this summer. The experience was absolutely amazing for so many, different reasons. The college coaches were very welcoming and instructive. Their drills, seminars, and advice opened my eyes even more to the game of tennis. I learned about different strategies and techniques that I now try to incorporate into my game, as well as gained insight on how to become and live like a college student-athlete. The tennis players were talented, easy to get along with, and we had so much in common. The college stay and activities after a long day were exciting and memorable.

Once again, I greatly appreciate the wonderful opportunity. Not only was it an extremely educational experience, very fun, but it was, perhaps, the best week of my summer!

Thank you,
Linda Antonova


Congratulations to 2012 participants in the Ed Krass Camp, Sean Diegan and Amanda Keller.

From their coach:

Hi Pierce,
I just wanted to say thanks again for the support given by yourself and the foundation for Sean and Amanda at the Ed Krass camp back in June. They both had a great experience and got a lot out of it. Here is a photo of the two at the USF Tampa site. I wish you all the best for now and the great work that you do.
Patrick Diegan


Arrice Robinson, who is from Port Orange and Spruce Creek High School, and Cole Fiegel, who is from Alachua and attends Gainesville High School, are the recipients of the Youth Tennis Foundation's full scholarship awards to the Ed Krass College Tennis Exposure Camps for 2011. Both players are highly ranked in their age divisions and both hope to play tennis in college.

Arrice was recommended by her coach, Andy Bacha, and she elected to attend the June camp in Tampa. She raves about the experience in a letter she wrote to the YTF thanking us for awarding her the scholarship, a copy of which is shown below.

  Cole is attended the December camp.

Keegan Lowery of Pensacola, FL also attended the December Camp.  

From Keegan:

To Youth Tennis Foundation of Florida,
I really appreciate you giving me the opportunity to go to the Ed Krass College Exposure camp! It really opened up a lot more opportunities for me and it gave me more perspective on what playing tennis in college would be like. The coaches were really fun to be around and helped me with my game in different aspects. I only wish that I could have had more time to be there because it was a good time and I came back feeling stronger about my game and also the mental aspect of it as well. I think that it's great what your foundation is doing for the kids that don't have this kind of opportunity and as I met them at the camp, we became good friends and they told me they also appreciate it a lot what your foundation is doing for them. Overall, the experience was great and if I had the chance, I would love to go back. Thank you.
Keegan Lowery

  Kallie Erickson of Pace, FL also attended the December Camp.

From Kallie:

Dear Youth Tennis Foundation of Florida,
Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to attend the college tennis recruiting camp a couple weekends ago. It was a great experience that sparked a new interest in tennis that I needed to elevate my game to the next level. We learned so many valuable tools in the recruiting process that I'm glad I will not look over anymore. I could never say thank you enough for the wonderful skills I learned.
Kallie Erickson


Stevie Platt of Stuart was been awarded the 2010 College Tennis Academy Grant by the Youth Tennis Foundation of Florida. Platt, a high school junior, attended the College Tennis Academy on June 13-18, 2010 at the University of South Florida.

Stevie Platt (on left) and friends at College Tennis Academy


The recipient for the 2009 College Tennis Academy Award is Justin Burns of Miami, Florida.

Tug Miller and Justin Burns

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